Cafe Concept

The image shows a 900 sq ft cafe with space for outside seating, plus two Eco-Cycle systems that provide secure parking for 408 bikes. You would require all the footprint to store half the number of bikes in 2-tier racking. With Eco-Cycle, there’s more room for more.

Eco-Cycle can offer a bespoke solution that can easily be incorporated into the design of new buildings, providing numerous benefits relative to traditional cycle storage methods. You can view the different integration options here

There are many advantages of including Eco-Cycle within a new build, whether residential or commercial:

– Bikes are dropped off at street level
– Saves basement & circulation space
– More secure than racking an open basement
– Over-provision of spaces future-proofs buildings
– Potential BREEAM & planning benefits of over-providing cycle spaces
– The scope of usage not restricted to occupants of a building
– The ability for an income stream through charging
– Gives function & activity to a façade
– Significant footprint savings

It is simple to integrate Eco-Cycle into a new buildings structure with the following key design parameters:

– A clear vertical zone of 7750mm in diameter
– A floor to ceiling height of 11650mm
– Access pod is centralized on the cylinder
– Access pod can be rotated any angle
– The flexibility of pod on façade: recessed, flush or parallel
– Installation of machinery and pod post cladding
– Can be positioned according to building’s curtain walling
– Fits within most structural grids
– Pod measures 3500mm L; 1550mm W; 1850 H
– Drop-off zone measures 1550mm W; 1800mm L


EcoCycle Info Sheets
Integration Infosheets
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Eco-Cycle can become an integral part of a buildings façade

Eco-Cycle can be integrated within a reception space,
providing function & a point of interest