Loading and unloading operations are simple to follow and as Eco Cycle is a fully automated system it’s also very fast and efficient. Sensors are built-in to keep users safe and out of harms way. Users access the system with an Eco Cycle Card and Eco Cycle Tag (both use Integrated Circuit technology).




1. Push the bike onto the gully, up to the door & pass the sensor. Push the bike forward & into the gap.

2. When the front wheel has been clamped, step away from the entrance zone & then press the Start button.

3. Entrance door opens automatically & once the bike is taken inside the door swiftly closes.

4. Cradle that carries the bike is simultaneously lowered and rotated to an empty rack space.

5. Bike is gently pushed onto the rack & when released the cradle returns to its start position.


1. Swipe Eco Cycle Card on control panel & keep away from entrance zone.

2. Bike is automatically located
& loaded onto the cradle.

3. Cradle returns the bike to ground level, with an average retrieval time of 13 seconds.

4. Entrance doors open and the bike is pushed out & held in position until it is retrieved.

5. Reverse bike away from
the entrance zone.


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